Being an artist is hard, y’all; I often find myself scraping by because I’m trying to make it as a writer while not compromising myself. Currently I’m in a very tight spot - monetarily speaking - and so I’m posting a link to my store again. If you’re in a position to buy zines and/or prints, that would be fabulous!

Also, my friend cleanupyouract recently had a really smart thing to say: Support your friends however you can. Everyone is creative, not everyone plays in a band. There are other ways to support people’s art than buying records.

And I think that’s an excellent point. As a writer (who also plays music), my main form of creating and producing often goes unnoticed in a scene that is music-dominated. Make sure you support the other arts in your scene, because those are equally as important and wonderful as music!

Radiator Hospital US Tour


Radiator Hospital just released our new album TORCH SONG and so we are going on a five-week US tour to celebrate! More info to come!

9/2 Philadelphia, PA @ Golden Tea 
9/3 Columbus, OH @ Ace Of Cups
9/4 Cleveland, OH @ Happy Dog
9/5 Ann Arbor, MI
9/6 Grand Rapids, MI @ Vertigo Music
9/7 Chicago, IL @ Fireside Bowl 
9/8 Milwaukee, WI
9/9 Minneapolis, MN @ Hexagon
9/10 Omaha, NE
9/11 Denver, CO @ Mutiny Information Cafe 
9/12 Salt Lake City, UT
9/13 Boise, ID
9/14 Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge
9/15 Olympia, WA
9/16 Portland, OR but maybe a drive day instead 
9/17 Oakland, CA @ Jason’s house
9/18 San Francisco, CA @ Honey Hive Gallery
9/19 San Jose, CA
9/20 Los Angeles, CA
9/21 Long Beach, CA
9/22 San Diego, CA
9/23 Phoenix, AZ @ Trunk Space 
9/24 Albuquerque, NM
9/25 Oklahoma City, OK @ Blue Note
9/26 Austin, TX @ Hotel Vegas 
9/27 Beaumont, TX @ The Art Studio 
9/28 New Orleans, LA
9/29 Tallahassee, FL @ All Saints Cafe 
9/30 Birmingham, AL 
10/1 Atlanta, GA @ Wonderroot
10/2 Athens, GA
10/3 Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor 
10/4 Raleigh, NC @ Nice Price Books 
10/5 Richmond, VA
10/6 Washington, DC

Playing this show solo tonight with Littler, who wrote this song that rules: College Legs by littler. Amazing flier by palmsideup.

Playing this show solo tonight with Littler, who wrote this song that rules: College Legs by littler. Amazing flier by palmsideup.

My essay ”Meditations on Dérive and Grief” was published on Underwater New York today.The piece is about losing my mother and my home and dealing with my grief by obsessively exploring the ruins of Brooklyn, where my mother was born and raised.This piece is essentially an extremely condensed version of the book I’ve been working on for a very long time. It’s been edited and improved; I was even told by editors to add a more personal through-line, which is not something I’m told very often (I get personal). 

I think I’m finally ready to finish the book.

Here’s an interview I did Jessica Hendry Nelson about her debut memoir If Only You People Could Follow Directions for City Paper. We talked about getting real in writing about families, her writing process, and good old Philadelphia. 

Never mind workplace violence, let’s go home. So many men murder their partners and former partners that we have well over a thousand homicides of that kind a year - meaning that every three years the death toll tops 9/11’s casualties, though no one declares a war on this particular kind of terror. (Another way to put it: the more than 11,766 corpses from domestic-violence homicides between 9/11 and 2012 exceed the number of deaths of victims on that day and all the American soldiers killed in the “war on terror.”) If we talked about crimes like these and why they are so common, we’d have to talk about what kinds of profound changes this society, or this nation, or nearly every nation needs. If we talked about it, we’d be talking about masculinity, or male roles, or maybe patriarchy, and we don’t talk much about that.
from “The Longest War”  in Rebecca Solnit’s book of essays Men Explain Things To Me.
This is a wonderful thing that’s happening in August! 

This is a wonderful thing that’s happening in August! 

Philly Feminist Zine Fest Roundup!

Here’s a roundup I wrote for thelesigh of the Philly Feminist Zine Fest, featuring some of my favorite zinesters!

And just because, here’s a photo I really like of me tabling my zines at PFZF (taken by jennyandthelibrarians)!

Two new linocut prints in the shop

"Get the Fuck Off My Cloud" (peace sign) is a standard linocut. "Spring a Leak" (flower) is a reduction linocut print with a limited edition of 20!

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