A few months ago Sam asked me to sing this Radiator Hospital song, “Half Empty” for a 4 way split 7” record released by Exploding in Sound and Double Double Whammy, also featuring songs by Ovlov, LVL UP and Krill.

Some really swell folks in Oklahoma City asked Radiator Hospital to be a part of their live video series Be Nice to Your Kids. Here’s our video for “Fireworks” outside of the Blue Note in OKC!

Happy 35th anniversary to SuBAMUH (Susan B. Anthony Memorial Unrest Home)!

In 2011 I stayed at this womyn’s intentional community in Athens, Ohio. I slept in an amazing little cabin, went hiking, learned how to forage for wild edibles, sat in on a feminist choir, went skinny dipping, met some great folks, did some major self-reflecting and spent some very serious and needed time alone. 

I also interviewed three permanent residents at the time - Jan Griesinger, Crissa Cummings, and Molly Blair - and created the audio version of my zine Habits of Being entitled The Way We Live Through This which you can listen to (and donate) at the link above!

Thankful to have places like this in this world. 

As many of you know, my #1 (Jeff Bolt) has a cassette tape label called Stupid Bag Records. There are a bunch of new releases available today, including:

Allison Crutchfield “Lean In To It”

Waxahatchee “American Weekend”

Weed Hounds “S/T”

Outer Spaces outerspacesband “Garbage Beach”

Radiator Hospital “Torch Song” & “Something Wild”

This is the spot for tape versions of these releases, so if your into that sort of thing get on it!

Tour is officially over! I feel so content and energized and exhausted all at once.

We had such an amazing time traveling across the country, seeing new and old friends, eating all the best food, and playing music every night for five weeks straight.

 A huge shout out to the best people in the world -Places to Hide - who I miss dearly.  And another to all our friends and everyone else who came out to our shows; you’re the best.


Wolf Cycles
Allison Crutchfield, Joyride!, Radiator Hospital 

Philadelphia, PA

—> Radiator Hospital Homecoming! by amyjunesmells


Sunday Video: Fireworks (Reprise)

The premiere of a Radiator Hospital music video, directed by Allyssa.

Check out this cool video on Rookie taken at our record release show in Philadelphia last month!



bath house was the coolest and everyone there was the kindest 

thanks again cynthiaschemmer for having us <3

Love hosting the best bands and folks at our house xoxo

We are almost two weeks into this five-week Radiator Hospital tour! A lot more Facebook events for our shows have been added; you can check them out here!

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